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STYLPRO Glam & Groove Hollywood Vanity Music Mirror

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Get ready with your favourite playlist and perfect lighting!

Create the ultimate getting ready experience with the STYLPRO Glam & Grove Hollywood Vanity Music Mirror. Perfect for getting glam with your friends on a night out or even your morning routine, throw on your ideal pre-drink’s playlist, morning podcast, makeup tutorial and even call or video chat a friend while doing your makeup. 

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How does it work?

With luxurious, dimmable Hollywood bulbs providing the perfect lighting, get ready in style with a touch of LA glam.

Enhance the experience with your favourite tunes, simply connect any Bluetooth device to your Glam & Groove Mirror and play music straight from your phone, computer, or tablet.

You can even connect your calls and chat to friends and family through your mirror as your get ready. Phone running out of charge? No problem, just place your phone on the handy phone holder and charge it completely wirelessly!

With a sturdy, non-slip base, perch your Glam & Groove in your bedroom or bathroom and bring the glamour of a movie star’s dressing table straight to your home. This table mirror comes with beautiful LED lighting, making it a perfect dressing mirror for your makeup routine. The built-in LED lights provide optimal lighting for flawless makeup application.

Benefits and features

⭐Smart Bluetooth connectivity to pair any Bluetooth device

⭐Play your favourite music straight from your phone, computer, or tablet

⭐Dimmable Hollywood mirror bulbs with soft white lighting, perfect for applying makeup and beauty products

⭐Call friends and family through your Glam & Groove Mirror with Bluetooth connectivity

⭐360° rotatable design for luxurious lighting from every angle

⭐Phone holder with built-in wireless smart-charger

⭐Charges all wirelessly charging phones

⭐Perfectly perch on bedroom and bathroom countertops

⭐Turn on and off with a light touch of a button

⭐Smart memory function, remembers light setting from your last use

⭐Sturdy, non-slip base


✅ 1 x STYLPRO Glam & Groove Mirror (26*30)
✅ 1x AC Adaptor (TYPE C)

How to use

🖤Setting up your Glam & Groove Mirror🖤
- Set up your mirror Glam & Groove Mirror and plug it into a power outlet.

🖤Turning on the lights🖤
- Press the Power Button on the front of the mirror. Keep your finger on the button to dim the lights.

🖤Connecting to your device via Bluetooth🖤
- Hold down the Rear Power Button at the back of the mirror to turn on Bluetooth
- Pair in Bluetooth settings on your mobile

🖤Playing music and adjusting volume🖤
- Connect via Bluetooth your device
- Play music from your favourite app or website
- Use the buttons on the control panel on the back of the mirror to adjust the volume, pause/play, skip to the next song, or go back to the previous song

🖤Wireless mobile phone charging🖤
- Place your phone on the phone stand to charge automatically.

🖤Making phone calls🖤
- Connect via Bluetooth your device
- Dial a call from your phone. The call will ring from the mirror.
- Or, you can use the buttons on the back of the mirror to call the last phone number your mobile device dialled, answer or ignore an incoming call, or terminate a call.

Additional Information

The STYLPRO Glam & Groove Mirror is not just a regular mirror, it's a smart mirror with integrated LED lighting and wireless charging capabilities, making it a must-have makeup mirror for any beauty enthusiast. Get ready like a Hollywood star with the STYLPRO Glam & Groove Mirror!

MI04A - As Seen In

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FAQs: Glam & Groove

The STYLPRO Glam & Groove Mirror is 26 x 30 cm.

You can dim the LED lights on the face of the mirror by pressing and holding down the button on the front until you find the setting that suits you best.

The mirror connects to your device via Bluetooth an act as music speakers. When you play music from your device, it will play from the built-in speakers in the back of the mirror.

The Glam & Groove Mirror can wirelessly charge any mobile phone that has the ability to wirelessly charge. Please speak to your phone manufacturer if you are unsure.

Please ensure that your phone is sitting on the Wireless Charging Dock in a landscape position with the charging logo directly centred. Your phone may not charge if it is sitting in a vertical position.

If your phone is still not charging, you may need to remove your phone case or cover from blocking the wireless charging connection.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at

Unlike our other mirrors, the STYLPRO Glam & Groove must be plugged into a power source for the lights and speakers to work. However, you can take it to wherever you’d like to go if there is a power source to plug the mirror into and you handle it with care. The STYLPRO Glam & Groove does not come with a travel case.

You can find our other travel mirrors here

Yes, the STYLPRO Glam & Groove has buttons on back of the mirror where you can adjust the volume. You can also change the volume directly from your device. For more detail please see your instructions.

Yes, the STYLPRO Glam & Groove has buttons on back of the mirror where you can change the song – either back to the previous track or skip to the next one. For more specific guidance, please see your instructions.

If you need to connect a new device, find the Rear Power Button at the back of the mirror, and quickly press to disconnect Bluetooth from the previous device. The blue LED light will begin to flash as it searches for a new one to connect with. It is now available to pair with a new device, simply ‘Music Mirror’ from the list of available devices in your Bluetooth settings. For more information, please see your instructions.

To clean the mirror surface, wipe gently with a soft cloth and an approved glass cleaner.

Please follow the instructions included.

The microphone is situated at the bottom of the mirror under the Wireless Charging Dock, so we recommend directing your voice towards the microphone when speaking. If the recipient of your calls is still finding your voice quiet, you can switch to your phone microphone and direct your voice there.

Do not expose the STYLPRO Glam & Groove Mirror to direct sunlight while unattended. Reflected sunlight may cause fire. Avoid storing the Glam & Groove Mirror in hot, humid, or damp areas. The STYLPRO Glam & Groove Mirror is made of glass. Please handle with care.

You can download a copy of the instructions here