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STYLPRO Original Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Professionals recommend cleaning makeup brushes once a week, but traditional methods are messy and time consuming, leaving brushes wet and unusable for up to hours.

The STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner & dryer is an automatic ‘washing machine’ for your brushes, spinning them clean & dry in less than 30 seconds so they are ready to use straight away!

Invented with love by BBC Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau.

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Watch the STYLPRO Original Makeup Brush Cleaner in action


How to use the STYLPRO Original Makeup Brush Cleaner



Why should I wash my makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria causing spots, irritating skin and worsening wrinkles. A study found 34% of makeup brushes contained more bacteria than the average toilet brush* In shocking results, 44% of women have never washed their brushes, ever!
*In a study conducted by STYLPRO

Benefits and features

⭐Clean & dry makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds
⭐Removes dirt, bacteria, and stains
⭐Can use brushes instantly
⭐Vegan certified cleanser
⭐Fits all brush sizes
⭐No longer need to wait hours for drying brushes
⭐Conditions and cleanses brushes
⭐Deep cleans between bristles
⭐Breaks down the oiliest of foundation


✅8 x Flexible Silicone Collars
✅Collar stand
✅STYLPRO device
✅2 x AAA batteries
✅Bowl Neck
✅2 x 10ml STYLPRO Makeup brush cleanser sachets

How to use

🖤Select a collar to fit your makeup brush.
🖤Attach the brush to the STYLPRO device.
🖤Add STYLPRO Vegan Cleaner to the STYLPRO bowl (DO NOT add water).
🖤Gently dunk your brush in and out of the STYLPRO Vegan Cleanser.
🖤Turn on the STYLPRO device and spin the makeup brush clean in the bowl for 10 seconds.
🖤Lift the brush above the cleanser and spin dry for 10 seconds (please make sure you keep the brush inside the bowl when drying.)

Additional Information

Use the STYLPRO Brush Cleaner with the STYLPRO Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser for the best results … we know you’ll love it!

Scroll below for FAQs.

Beauty accessories invented with love

FAQs: STYLPRO Brush Cleanser

You do not have to use our STYLPRO Brush Cleanser however, we do recommend it especially for removing oil-based makeup like foundation and lipstick as it’s designed to break down the oils.

The STYLPRO Brush Cleanser contains Isohexadecane, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil and Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil. The STYLPRO cleanser is Paraben free, alcohol free, sulphate free and Registered by the Vegan society.

No, the STYLPRO Brush Cleanser should not be mixed with water. It is designed to cut through oil-based makeup on it’s own for the best results.

We recommend using one capful (1/3 fl.oz. / 10ml) of STYLPRO Makeup Brush Cleanser to the STYLPRO bowl, this is enough to clean even the dirtiest of foundation brushes. Please ensure you get the entire brush into the cleanser during the 1st stage. For best results try tipping the bowl on its side.

The STYLPRO Brush Cleanser is created to thoroughly remove even the thickest oil-based makeup on any type of brush, it’s gentle yet highly effective formula cuts through stubborn cosmetics. The solution is free from alcohol, parabens and sulphates and is registered by the Vegan Society. When used in conjunction with the STYLPRO device it will clean, condition and dry bristles in less than 30 seconds.

No, it has not been tested on animals. STYLIDEAS do not conduct or condone testing on animals. We are committed to providing high quality, cruelty free products.

Yes, the STYLPRO Brush Cleanser is registered by the Vegan Society as a product suitable for Vegans as it does not involve or contain animal-derived ingredients and has not involved animal testing.

If you are using the STYLPRO Original Brush Cleaner to clean makeup brushes that will only be used on your face then you do not need to change the cleanser after each brush has been cleaned. You can clean up to 5 of your own brushes in the same cleanser solution. If you are a makeup professional or your brushes will be used on someone else’s face then we would recommend you change the cleanser after each brush has been cleaned.

No, your brushes will not need rinsing after cleaning. The spinning action of the STYLPRO removes virtually all traces of the cleanser from brushes. Our STYLPRO cleanser is also a conditioner, the unique formula is infused with nourishing Wheatgerm, Grapeseed and Argan oils which will gently condition the brush leaving the bristles silky, smooth and protected.

Yes, with one capful of the STYLPRO Brush Cleanser solution, the STYLPRO will leave your brush looking brand new. The STYLPRO Cleanser was developed especially for this purpose. Estee Lauder Double Wear is one of the most popular foundations and is well known to be difficult to remove. In our testing we used this foundation as our benchmark.

If you are regularly cleaning your own brushes, you can clean up 5 brushes with the same 10ml of cleanser. The cleanser will look very dirty however it is still very effective. If you are cleaning other people’s brushes, you must use fresh cleanser for every brush.

You can find FAQs about STYLIDEAS Subscriptions here