STYLPRO Melody Mirror

The STYLPRO Melody Mirror is the ultimate beauty accessory that combines style and functionality in one. With its different light settings, you can apply makeup flawlessly. With the option to play music, you can enjoy your favourite playlist streamed through the speakers in the mirror. The added bonus of the trinket dish on the base of the mirror provides a convenient place to store your favourite jewellery pieces, so you can have easy access to
them when getting ready.

How to use the STYLPRO Melody Mirror

  • Setting up

    - Insert your Melody Mirror foot into the base, then twist clockwise and your Melody Mirror will be secured.

  • Using the lights

    - Tap the Power Button on the front of the mirror to turn on the LED ring light. Press and hold the Power Button to dim the lights.

  • Charging light modes

    - To change the light settings, tap the power button and you will go through the cycle of 3 LED light settings.

  • Bluetooth

    - Hold down the rear Power Button at the back of the mirror to turn on the Bluetooth. The button on the front will flash blue when it is ready to connect your device.

  • Playing music

    - Once you have connected your device via Bluetooth, play your music from your favourite app or website.

  • Charging

    - Plug the USB charging cable into the USB port. The light will turn red whilst charging and green when fully charged.

Want to know more?

How it works

With the STYLPRO Melody Mirror, you can enjoy a range of features that enhance your beauty routine. From a simple touch of a button, you can play your favourite playlist whilst applying your makeup and take advantage of the various light settings to achieve your desired look.


⭐Play your favourite music straight from your phone, computer, or tablet
⭐Dimmable, with soft white lighting, perfect for applying makeup and beauty products
⭐Perfectly perch on bedroom or bathroom countertops
⭐Turn on and off with the soft touch of a button
⭐Trinket dish base to keep your favourite jewellery pieces safe and accessible
⭐Rechargeable so that it can be used multiple times without the need for disposable batteries and is more practical for everyday use


⭐Touch switch with dimmer function
⭐Dimmable lights in 3 different tones – White, Warm & Natural
⭐Built in speaker
⭐Smart Bluetooth functionality
⭐Automatically turns off after 15 minutes
⭐Pairs with any Bluetooth device

What do you get in the box?

✅1 x STYLPRO Melody Mirror
✅1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
✅1 x Instructions

FAQs: Melody Mirror

The Melody Mirror is charged using the USB-C cable provided, in any USB-C-friendly port.

It may take up to 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery. The charge on your Melody Mirror will last up to 2 hours and 30 minutes on normal settings.

The Melody Mirror has 3 light settings: Bright, Warm and Cool.

Yes, you can dim the LED lights on the face of the mirror by pressing and holding down the button on the front repeatedly, until you find the setting that suits you best.

Insert the mirror foot into the base, then twist clockwise to lock in place.

The Melody Mirror is 330mm x 202mm.

The Melody Mirror does not need to be plugged into a power source to work. The Melody Mirror is rechargeable.

To connect your device to the Melody Mirror, you need to hold down the Bluetooth Power Button at the back of the mirror to turn on the Bluetooth. The button on the front will flash blue when it is ready to connect to your device. Select ‘Melody Mirror’ from the list of available Bluetooth pairings on your device.

If you need to connect a new device, press the rear Bluetooth Power Button again and you will be able to pair a new device with the Melody Mirror.

You can download a copy of the instructions here