Teeth Staining Explained

Teeth Staining Explained

We all know that fizzy drinks are bad for us, but how much do we know about the stains they cause?


Teeth Staining

Fizzy drinks, sugary sweets, coffee- we all know the classic culprits of teeth staining. But how much do we know about what types of staining these substances cause? Well, there are 2 main types of common teeth staining and one usual remedy. But there is a new kid on the block, one that removes both surface and sub-surface level stains in a safer, peroxide-free way, showing results after just one use. PAPTech is a new, non-abrasive teeth whitening agent that whitens teeth on three levels.


What are the different types of staining?

According to a report published by Inside Dentistrythere are 2 significant types of stains that discolour teeth. These two types are:


Extrinsic Staining

This is where the staining occurs on the external surface of the tooth- i.e on the outside. Extrinsic staining can be caused by caffeinated drinks such as coffee, as well as wine and tobacco. There are some more surprising food and drink stuffs that cause extrinsic staining such as blueberries, beetroot, pomegranate, and cherries, which is a bit of a pain when they are not only delicious, but part of a healthy diet.


Intrinsic Staining

This where the staining occurs in the dentine layer of the tooth, which is below the enamel surface. Because the discolouration occurs beneath the surface, removing such stains can be a nightmare. Sub-surface stains are caused when the particles of surface level stains settle into the enamel of the tooth. Aging, trauma, and certain types of medication such as antibiotics, antihistamines, and chemotherapy, can cause these deeper intrinsic stains.



Conventionally, to treat both intrinsic and extrinsic staining, peroxide-based whitening agents have been encouraged. However, using hydrogen-peroxide whitening agents has some risks of damaging oral health such as causing oral muscosa, hypersensitivity and irreversible damage to enamel.


That’s where PAPTech comes in. PAPTech is a new, non-abrasive teeth whitening ingredient, that uses safe, non-intrusive Blue Light Technology to reach intrinsic stains, as well as removing extrinsic discolouration.



PAPTech molecules in the STYLSMILE Fluoride Teeth Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Gel Syringes, target and dissolve unnatural double bonds which form discolouration. PAPTech safely dissolves these bonds, whitening teeth on the way. PAPTech, when used for 15 minutes in combination with Blue Light Technology (just like in the STYLSMILE Boost Kit), can reach into the dentine layer and dissolve deeply entrenched stains.

PAPTech has been proven by a study in the Journal Applied Oral Science, to show vast improvement in the colour of teeth after just one use. Remove intrinsic and extrinsic stains with the STYLSMILE Teeth Whitening range today!



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