Some Exciting November Press For 2017

Some Exciting November Press For 2017

November has been a spectacular month for StylPro with LOADS of positive feedback. Here is what some big brands have said,


STYLPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner Review – Totally Addictive!

Beauty Blogger Really Ree agreed that this would be the most excellent Christmas present.

She is “hopelessly hooked on the actually AMAZING StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner” and is “kicking herself” that she didn’t purchase it earlier as it does totally work and is “quite incredible” and, “like it promises, ridiculously easy to use”.




Top UK influencer Really Ree who has 23.7k followers on Instagram has said that her StylPro is ‘totally addictive’ and she is ‘hopelessly hooked’ claiming it to be ‘like crack for beauty junkies’.

Best electrical beauty gifts Christmas 2017 - “I am suddenly on top of my brush cleaning!”

The StylPro was awarded 3rd place in the LOOK Beauty awards 2017 for “the best makeup”.

They quoted “even the laziest amongst us” found “this rocked our world this year”.











Anna Hunter from Get The Gloss said, when considering the “time, manual labour and drying period” that goes into cleaning with regular washing “it’s nothing of a short miracle device”. The StylPro “beats the old skool, conventional methods hands-down”.

Their new Beauty Shopaholic, Claire Coleman, would put her money and excitement on the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner. “If I didn’t have one already, I’d want one”. “If you are shopping for a makeup junkie and don’t know what to get them, buy them this”.


“Who doesn’t want an easy and fast way to clean their makeup brushes?”


Emily Thornhill reveled in this product claiming it to be one for those that “hate the chore that much that they avoid doing it all together” thus using the specifically designed StylPro means you simply “watch the device spin your brushes clean and dry in seconds!” 

Harper’s Bazaar Online voted our StylPro 9th out of 14 for their Best Beauty Gadgets 2017.



Huda beauty is adamant that “you will absolutely love this”.

Cleaning my makeup brushes has always felt like such a chore until now…”


Bryony_Blake the presenter of This Morning and successful Celebrity Make Up artist has 39.2k followers on Instagram is showing how much “The BBC Strictly girls are loving the @stylpro_uk” by featuring us in her Instagram story!



OK magazine says that the StylPro is in the top six new beauty products you really need to try, “what’s not to love?!”

The StylpPro was nominated for the 'Best New Electrical Product of 2017' this month and the results were very promising!


Healthista has listed the StylPro as one of 15 for best gifts for beauty junkies - and not just of Christmas! 

It “provides endless amounts of fun” and is “bound to bring joy to any beauty junkies Christmas day”.


The interview found that out of 1000 ladies in the UK 44% had never washed their brushes and 60% hadn’t washed them in 4 weeks! The Hearst Network said WE LOVEStylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, which leaves your brushes thoroughly clean, dry and ready to reuse in a matter of seconds!” 

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