Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation


Monday, it comes around so quickly and never seems to get any easier. Sometimes it requires just a little more makeup and a touch more motivation to get through the day. Here at StylPro we understand the feeling, so we’ve bought you a few tips to make Monday easier and pull you through the hardest day of the working week.

Get up Earlier


So this may not be a popular option but hear us out, ever heard the phrase you snooze, you lose?


Well there’s some science behind that, hitting that snooze button for those precious extra minutes in bed could actually increase tiredness, confuse your brain and play havoc with your body clock.


A study found that ‘morning people’ tended to have a more positive affect compared to those who consider themselves a ‘night owl’ and to top it off setting that alarm clock a little earlier could mean you lower your chances of being stressed, depressed and putting on weight.


Drink Water


Our bodies are around 60% water and the benefits of staying hydrated are endless but our busy schedules mean we often forget.


Make sure you start your day off the right way and carry a bottle of water around with you to make sure your getting the hydration your body needs.


Not only does water keep you hydrated but drinking water also effects your mood and concentration - very important in getting a good start to the week. Drinking enough water can also combat skin redness, wrinkles and reduce the appearance of acne all essential for better makeup application.


Try kick starting your day with lemon water to aid hydration, improve your skin quality and getting enough vitamin C.


Make decisions the night before


The thought of making big decisions on a Monday morning is sometimes just a little bit too much to handle. Getting into the habit of making decisions or to do lists the night before will allow you to ease yourself into Monday and have a productive morning.


Pack your bag, your lunch and choose your outfit and allow your self to feel a little more smug on your way into work.


Keep it simple


Let’s be honest, the majority of us have lots of makeup some of it we haven’t used in a long time. As much as we’d love to mix up our look daily, its hard to fit it in with the strenuous time constraints of a Monday morning!


Find yourself a makeup routine that works for you and soon you’ll learn how to apply a full face in 5 minutes or less!


Good Clean Habits


As ever its so important to make sure your makeup brushes are clean and germ free. Getting into a routine of using the StylPro to get your brushes squeaky clean will ultimately make applying your makeup on a Monday morning easier.



Monday’s are hard enough … don’t make it any harder!


Team Tom
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