Daily Mail reveals toxic truth about your makeup brushes

Daily Mail reveals toxic truth about your makeup brushes


 For her recent article in the Daily Mail, Claire Coleman tested various ways to clean makeup brushes and remove make up.

 She says "…Be honest, how often do you clean your make-up brushes? Weekly? Monthly? Or when they have so much make-up on them, you can't see the individual bristles?

"Well you should clean them regularly, for the health of your skin. While make-up often contains antibacterial agents and preservatives, brushes don't, and bacterial build-up can at best cause irritation, and at worst - if you're introducing bacteria into a spot or scratch - give you a nasty skin infection…"

 She tested 8 different brush cleaning methods and to her surprise found that soap and water is still the most effective method. Except you still have to wait for your brushes to dry before using them again.

 In reviewing the StylPro, Claire says it was “…the quickest and easiest method – and the only one that left brushes dry enough to use straight away…"

These days, there’s no excuse for not cleaning your brushes!

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