An electric makeup brush cleaner? OMG!

An electric makeup brush cleaner? OMG!

Thanks to the lovely Sarah Smith at I Heart Cosmetics beauty blog for her great review on StylPro which you can see here

Sarah says, “We all know how important it is to regularly cleanse your makeup brushes to remove any bacteria. But let’s get real, who can be bothered to do it as often as you’re supposed to? I have collected brushes for 15 years!  While this means I can go weeks using clean brushes without washing any, I then have 300 to wash. Below is a just 1 week's worth of dirty makeup brushes. Aaaaaaah!

 Sarah’s StylPro verdict:

This product does actually work and very well.  I did wish that the brush cleaner came in a litre bottle as I used an entire bottle of the brush cleaner, but then again I am a brush addict and did clean 79 brushes. They do say you can use your regular brush cleaner so I’ll try that next time.


 “Having to empty the dirty cleaner and re-fill it again every few brushes was a bit time-consuming. However, overall, it does clean and dry most makeup brushes in seconds, meaning that you can use them straight after you’ve cleaned them.

 “I think the Stylpro is going to be extremely handy for makeup artists, beauty bloggers and vloggers and regular makeup junkies.”

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