A revolutionary addition to the beauty industry??

A revolutionary addition to the beauty industry??

Lovely to discover British fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Alice Amelia's lovely blog and her review of StylPro.

Alice says "I have been desperate to try out this device since I saw it advertised online a couple of months ago... With it being such a unique product in the beauty industry, I just had to give it a go and see if it is all too good to be true…

So the big question is…..does it actually work?? In short, yes. It’s pretty darn amazing. It’s so quick and I couldn’t believe that when you’ve finished the steps, the brushes are pretty much bone dry...

...I found the brushes came out perfectly. Overall I’m super impressed with the product and believe it is totally worth the money. It’s quick and easy, and saves SO MUCH TIME, especially when considering the time it takes the air dry the brushes...Even better? You don’t finish the cleaning marathon with hands that resemble prunes! Win Win!

You can read Alice's full blog post here. @aliceameliablog

Thanks you Alice. Glad to hear you're a StylPro fan.

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