Top Covid-19 Travel Hand Luggage Essentials

Top Covid-19 Travel Hand Luggage Essentials

What to take in your hand luggage: Covid-19 edition

Packing is a nightmare at the best of times, let alone in a pandemic. Take these 5 things and you're covered...


Green, amber, red: the colours of summer.

For us in the UK, the government have granted us limited opportunities to travel abroad this summer, based on Covid-19 government guidelines. These guidelines use a traffic light system to indicate which countries are safe to travel to, and whether quarantine is necessary on return or arrival. So, if you’re lucky enough to steal a week away somewhere sunny or just with a different view to your garden, but the ability to remember what you need to take (let alone in a pandemic), has escaped you- just take a breath. Sit on your suitcase because we’ve collected the top 5 essential things you need to have in hand luggage for your escape.

3 Layer Facemask – a comfortable one!

It has been reported in studies and medical guidelines that face coverings should have at least 2 layers (preferably 3) of fabric to provide a good degree of protection from Covid-19 droplets. There are disposable surgical masks, cloth reusable masks and KN95 masks with a built-in ventilator. Check before you travel what masks are mandatory in your destination country as this varies. For example, in Australia FFP2 masks are required by travellers. So, check! We have some great 3-layer Cotton Face Masks to throw in your hand luggage at STYLPRO. You’ll have to wear them on your flight and in some countries in public spaces, so make sure it’s comfy!

Anti-bacterial Spray for Cosmetics

Hauling the makeup kit and all the gear can be a real task when travelling. Taking the basic brushes and keeping them fresh is the best way around it. As we know better than anyone at STYLPRO, makeup brushes and beauty tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria (not ideal for Covid), so having something to keep them hygienic when your travelling is super helpful.

Our STYLPRO Anti-bacterial Makeup Brush & Beauty Tool Spray kills 99.99% of all harmful bacteria and if you’re applying in public toilets and shared spaces, being able to sterilise brushes and cosmetic bags is ideal.

A Good SPF

SPF is not just for holidays, as we know. But if you are going to be catching some rays, it is super important you are protecting your skin on all levels. Ensure you have a good suncream for body and face. We recommend La Roche Posay’s ANTHELIOS UltraLight Invisible Fluid 50+ for a really thin feel but full protection and Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defence SPF 30 for a non-toxic suncream, for your skin and the environment.


Makeup Remover for the Flight

It has been known that the drop of humidity in the air when you are soaring through the sky, deprives your skin of the moisture that you would usually have on the ground. This combined with not removing makeup properly, can cause the well-known post-flight breakout. Either go bare face for your journey, having cleansed thoroughly before at home or pop into the departure lounge toilets and use a travel cleanser to quickly but effectively take off makeup.  Our Easy on the Eye Cleanser not only fits the 100ml hand luggage limit on liquids, but easily melts away waterproof makeup and hydrates skin instantly.



Smart Screen Wipes or UV Phone Sanitiser

Keeping surfaces clean wherever you go has been imperative throughout this pandemic. As we are not entirely out of the woods yet, it is still important to keep surfaces we are in contact with clean. One surface we don’t tend to think about, yet has a lot of exposure to hands, faces and all sorts of places, is our phone! Casetify has gone all out with a UV Sanitizer for your phone, which is like a lunchbox for your phone that uses Mecury-free UV lights inside to kill bacteria. There are also small sachet screen wipes which are easy to chuck in your luggage.


Safe travels from STYLPRO! For more government travel advice around Covid-19 see here.

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