Fit for a Prince

To celebrate the first birthday of Prince George, we’ve created a product fit for royalty – the world’s most expensive nail file and nail clipper for children.

Royalty or not, cutting babies’ nails is a tricky task, that all parents need a solution to. However, only the best will do for the third in line to the throne so we went back to the drawing board to transform the Nipper Clipper into a nail clipper that really is fit for Prince. We hope that this will make nail cutting much less of a core in the Cambridge household!

With a price tag of £1million, comprising of over 350 diamonds one carat diamonds, each valued at over £2,000 and replacing standard emery abrasive for diamond dust to ensure the smoothest possible finish, this 18 carat gold nail clipper and nail file set is fit for a prince.

Skilled craftsmen have spent nearly 10 weeks designing and developing the luxurious nail set, using only the most exceptional materials to create the perfect gift to commemorate the birthday of the third in line to the throne.

The extravagant nail set will enable parents to keep their babies nails immaculate and will be available for sale to celebrate the Prince’s birthday. For non-royals, the Nipper Clipper (RRP £9.99) can be bought through our website.



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